XIONG LONG Electronics(HongKong)Co.,Ltd .

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XIONG LONG Electronics(HongKong)Co.,Ltd .

XIONG LONG ELECTRONIC (HK) LIMITED exports all kinds of Electronic Components and Electro-mechanical parts: communications, memory, computer,and we are the manufacturer s authorized distributor of world s leading chip brands , such as TI, ALTERA, NS, ATMAL, FAIRCHILD, HYNIX, MAXIN, IR, LINEAR, ST, ADI, SANKEN, NXP, XILINX etc.
Our company aims to make a long-term cooperation relationship with the customers.If you are interested in our products, please contact me by E-mail or log into the website of our company ,thanks.
Give me your RFQ,and I will offer you the best quality and price.We are looking forward to your favorable reply.
Sincerely yours
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